MADE by shot by Alis Pelleschi.

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I haven’t blogged in a very long time so I felt the need to up my game and do something a bit special. Chloe has been doing a wonderful job in my absence and upped the barr considerably. So I give you MADE by our SS13 colletion which we shot, wrapped and packaged off to our agents in August. As we don’t get involved in fashion week happenings we can release things at our leisure so this leisure brings us to November. Leisure has involved a trip to the Far East for 2.5 weeks and a massive studio move.

We don’t remake anything anymore which means we take fewer codeine and parcetemol tablets, don’t grapple around for ideas that fit what we like aesthetically and don’t need to rummage through piles of vintage or deconstruct anything. That’s not to say we won’t customise but as far as remanufacture is concerned, it’s over. So MADE is us doing it our way with freedom to select any fabric we want and push it real good with prints.

Despite the fact that we wear a lot of black it seems we have a HUGE interest in print. It’s the artistry involved in creating them that gets us and the wealth of inspiration out there that can be reformed and manipulated to shape our collections. We spend so much time glued to our MACS running our business that digital print seems like a very natural extenstion of our boss lady skills.

Kath grew up on the gold coast in Australia floating around in shorts and vests – she didn’t even own a pair of boots until she moved to London – gospel. I grew up in Ireland swathed in fur, wrapped in wool, mostly shivering and embracing darkness. Our collections and always going to be light/dark, good/bad, yin/yang, summer/winter. I’d like to point out that it doens’t mean that Kath’s good and I’m evil. When we put pent to paper, mouse to pad to design our collections there’s always an antagonism between our aesthetics which generally means our collections are cut and paste, eclectic. When we received our samples we had all the clothes on a rail and we had one of those “oh fuck” moments where we just thought “how we gonna style this?!!??” but we just rolled with it and it worked. This “oh fuck” fearlessness is something that we’re now embracing and pushing ourselves with – we’re currently designing our AW13 collection and yeah it’s eclectic but “oh fuck” it’s gonna be amazing.



We knew we needed someone special to work with on our Lookbook and photographer Alis Pelleschi seemed like a natural choice. We’ve been fans of her work for a while and we just wanted someone who would go the extra mile in realising our sinister beach fantasy scene. Let’s be straight, London’s cold, our summer lasts about 4 weeks and the rest of the time we’re just pretending. We don’t do that whole beach babe thing and most tans come out of a bottle or a booth. We wanted to embrace this sense of Summer Pallor with our lookbook and we brought in Love Tickelmouse to create his “moontan” make-up look. We loved the moontan so much that we named the whole collection after it.

We didn’tt want to release our full lookbook until the range hits stores in Feb so We’ve created a series of animated GIFS with Alis and illustrator Sara Penney as a little taster.






xx Marion

Photographer: Alis Pelleschi
Art Direction: Marion Bergin, Kathryn Blunden and Alis Pelleschi
GIF Animations: Alis Pelleschi and Sara Penney
Styling: Marion Bergin and Kathryn Blunden
Assistant Styling: Nichola Petts
Make-up: Thom Tickelmouse
Hair: Selina Middleton
Set Desgin: Marion Bergin
Models: Kitty from Nevs and Fiona from Leni’s

Big thanks to Toby Summerskill at Rockwell Studios and God.

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  • Jennie said at 6:38 pm on November 14th, 2012:

    Totally amazing…x

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    These are so amazing!!!!!!!

  • pau said at 5:42 am on December 5th, 2012:

    love theeeeeeeeeeem!

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