Shark Attack – Emma Mullholland AW12 Lookbook

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We’ve had our eye on Emma Mullholland ever since our trip to Australia in November. We spent an afternoon hanging out with her and Ksubi’s resident artist Paulie in their workshop picking things apart, playing with their samples, taking pictures and distracting them from their workload.

Stuck in the middle of the February lull this seems a lifetime away. I’ve been spending far too much time frying my brain on Tumblr and discovering other social media distractions including Svpply, Fancy, Pinterest and plotting to set up another blog and another label. Occasionally a tumblr trail leads somehwere a little more interesting than onto more pictures of more protruding spines, wrist tattoes, bitten lips and cotton knickers. Just now has been one of those moments.

Stumbled upon a really nice image on PoisonedCandyfloss. Yeah saw the shark-print pants, thought the print was insane, led me to Oyster mag(the whole link manouvre was much less laborious than this in web time) and right back to the antipodean star pupil Emma Mulholland.

So we’ve just started selling in Australia and we’re constantly in trouble with our agent because the seasons are back to front so basically what we call AW is actually their SS so we’re doing fur coats for AW becuase they make sense in Europe but they’re NEVER going to sell in Australia because it’s like 50 degrees. So I guess an Australian designer has the opposite problem. This is where I think Emma’s collection is really really clever because although it’s got ocean iconography and sharks it’s simultaneously dark and gothic. Not top of the ocean with the waves dolphins, sea horse, love, splashiness and sun-rays, it’s the depths where there’s evil stuff lurking, sharks swimming to some sort of anthrax soundtrack. It’s clever because it’s seasonless – I’d be just as likely to wear this in the winter with a sheepskin coat as I would in the summer with some shorts. She’s also got that whole laid-back low-effort Australian thing down which kind of suits her – she seemed pretty chilled when we met. Her graduate collection really blew me away and was pretty far reaching web-wise but this collection represents a really clever move-on. This girls got it figured out and she’s going places fast – go you xxx

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