Colour and Chaos – Interview with Australian Stylist Ms Fitz

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If you’re suffering from post-Christmas blues, as we are, then check out this cluster of colour and chaos that we found whilst searching for inspiration. Known as Ms Fitz, this gem has brightened up our computer screens no end. We managed to steal some time from her busy schedule to step into her rainbow world.


Us Bitchy girls love your style, it’s so different, how would you describe it?

I’d describe my current style as chaotic and neo-tribal.

You’ve got your fingers in all pies from blogging, designing and styling, is there anything else you do?

I express myself creatively and most honestly creative people can work in many mediums. I like to think of myself more as an artist who sometimes works through the medium of style, than a stylist.  One thing that I am exploring more is my performance – I have always been a dancer and performer, I’ve been a back up dancer for Peaches, Rye Rye, toured with the Gossip and now I’m working on my EP with producer Chew Fu.

Is there anything else you’d like to do?

In another life I’d be a dog walker, or a chocolate chef! Puppies and chocolate are my favourite things!

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Describe a life in the day of Ms Fitz…

Well, it depends on the gig. Some days I’m in my studio filling orders for my jewellery, other times I shoot videos and edit them for my performance art, other days I’m in the studio recording tracks, some days I’m up at 7am to get sourcing for for a shoot the next day….its always changing! But the one thing I do every day is walk my dog, Gulliver. He’s awesome.

You style for a wide variety of clients from Australia’s Next Top Model to magazines such as Oyster and Marie Claire, what do you find most challenging?

For me, styling is a challenge because it goes against pretty much every philosophy I have about personal style. I don’t believe that you need to buy designer clothing or to follow trends in order to have great style or be a valuable, attractive human being. Unfortunately, it is a stylists job to tell you the opposite…so I’m a pretty shitty stylist! ha!

I’m a believer that you should just wear what ever you want, express yourself. Break the rules, be a misfit! Wear all your favourite old hats at once! Wear the same stinky pair of boots that you cut the toes off of for a year straight! There’s no such thing as a mismatched print! Fashion is a very powerful tool to confront ideas of sexuality, gender, consumerism and identity, use it!

If you don’t already, would you ever style a celebrity?

I work with subversive performers and I like that- I’ve just styled the new Peaches and Cazwell video, I work with Narcissister, the Chicks on Speed, I work with electro producer Chew Fu and have made custom pieces for the Semi Precious Weapons. But “celebrity” in the modern sense of the word? Um, probably not.. But believe me, I have never been approached by a celebrity to do their red carpet. Can you imagine? hahaha! I’d probably send them out in something like this, which is the closest I’ve got to dressing a ‘celebrity’ ,and we turned it into a mockery of modern pop culture

We are big fans of your jewellery, what inspires your collection?

I’m inspired by chaos and tribalism. I love the traditional knotting techniques and mixing it with gaudy gold street style hardware.

What’s your favourite piece from your latest collection?

The nose to ear chains (I wear them when ever I party) and the hoodoo voodoo earrings. They make any outfit look spunky..


Are there any other stylists you admire?

hmmm I don’t read fashion magazines so I’m not really in tune with who else is doing what.. But I know there are many out there that are better than I am, in the sense that they are real “stylists”, like, they know exactly what collections were on the runway last week in Paris (duh) and all that stuff. I work more from my gut, luckily it’s usually pretty ahead of the game.

Who’s your favourite designer?

I love Rei Kawakubo for her subversiveness and John Galliano for his flamboyance. I also support upcoming designers like Brad Callahan, Genvieve Clifford, Asher Levine, Zana Bayne and Discount.

You’re originally from Australia, what made you decide to move to NYC?

Unfortunately there is only so much you can do in Oz, and although the talent surpasses the international standards in many ways, it’s hard to be taken seriously as an international brand from all the way down under. But I miss the beach and I miss my family.

Would you ever come to London?

FUCK YEAH! I love London! I love the fashion, I love the people, it’s the bombdiggity!! I have a European passport so I might be over sooner than you’d think. My mother is English and her side of the family is from Leicester, I spent some time in England growing up.

What can we expect from your next collection?

Something fab, glam and a little bit grimey.

All images are taken from Ms Fitz website and blog

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